We are pleased to offer a range of tailored options to ensure you get the most out of your event, by both engaging delegates on the day and helping your message live on long after the event.

Tailored visual conference solutions can be used to give your event a visual identity, connect delegates, collect thoughts and feedback, and visually reflect content and the journey of an event.

We can provide pre-event videos and graphics, live video streams, on-the-spot document creation and printing, immerse your clients in a projection show, turn the graphic recordings into a video, help you with your communication plan post-event… We want to help you create a memorable and meaningful event.

Add colour and originality to your next event. Get in touch to explore the possibilities.

CASE STUDY: Indeed Vivid Ideas Lunch

In June 2016, as part of Sydney’s Vivid festival, Indeed (the world’s #1 job site) hosted a special lunch and expert panel discussion on the topic “Tapping into Australia’s High Potential Workforce”.

In addition to using graphic recording on the day (with live video feed to the big screens), Indeed chose to engage Think in Colour to produce an infographic which was printed and given to each guest on arrival, along with their own collateral. We also created introductory holding screens for the speaker and panel, to create a consistent style throughout the event.

Here’s what Indeed had to say about the experience:

“I was blown away by the ease and speed with which Jessamy interpreted the brief. So many compliments came from guests at our event on the images, which is great, but more than being an impressive spectacle, Jessamy’s work created a strong tie between the presentations, media materials, social integration and video content which helped us tell the story in different ways. This allowed us to reflect the creativity of Vivid Sydney and tell a compelling story while staying on brand.” – Emma Hornsey, PR Manager, Indeed

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