“Jessamy does with colorful markers what Yo-Yo Ma does with a cello and Julia Childs did with butter.

Jessamy listened to the words and felt the tone. Then she imagined each service point in color, and drew. In the same time it took to speak (90 minutes), Jessamy produced three beautiful infographics capturing each Key Learning Point in my presentation. How she managed to get every point so clearly still amazes me today.”  Ron Kaufman, Author and Speaker

“If there was only one word I could use about Jessamy and her work it would be this: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

She absolutely stunned me (and the other 200 people in the room) with her genius (yes, a strong word) at being able to capture a fast-moving seminar I was presenting.

The program was called INSPIRE! And that is precisely what Jessamy does. Use her — you’ll be as thrilled and stunned as I have been.” Paul Dunn – Chairman, Buy1Give1

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Jessamy Gee and Think in Colour on a large scale gender equality event we staged. The whiteboard illustrations completely exceeded all expectations in terms of content and artistic/visual quality. Jessamy is clearly an exceptional listener (a rare enough skill) but then with what appears magic but is in fact great skill, transforms that into concise, striking visuals. Her illustrations were stellar event assets which our attendees and other stakeholders loved. Plus she was a pleasure to work alongside – great communicator. I’ll be looking for opportunities to work with her again!” – Maria Chetcuti, Event Manager, Breakthrough Conference

“Jessamy Gee added a huge amount of value to our 2-day policy event: participants loved the capture of ideas in visual format, and seeing it evolve; speakers also commented on the succinct way their words were presented. The content was very dense, complex, and varied, and everyone was awed by the skill and stamina of producing 8 of those over two days. People asked if Jessamy has a background in social policy! The products will provide a permanent and accessible record on our websites as well. Good Shepherd is very pleased we brought Jessamy on board: it was definitely worth the investment and we will do it again. Thank-you!” – Kathy Landvogt, Good Shepherd Australia & NZ

“We engaged Jessamy at very short notice to create an interesting learning story on our feature blackboard wall in the office. Jessamy was easy to deal with from the get-go, with the perfect mix of professionalism and creativity. Everyone loved watching the process and we achieved a great outcome. Super talent and excellent interpretation of the brief!” – Mandy Balla-Kellett, NAB

“We recently engaged Jessamy to perform graphic recording duties at a two day strategy workshop and were delighted with the results.

It’s often difficult to record the outputs of sessions in a manner that captures the content and spirit of the conversation. Jessamy did this expertly and her work enlivened the event, as participants were able to use the live graphic recordings to more meaningfully (and speedily), reflect on and revise their thinking.

The artefacts produced by Jessamy subsequent to the event have given us the hard data we need for planning purposes, whilst also providing strategy visuals that can be shared with those not at the event.

Having always been keen to try this method, the experience had solidified our thinking that this is actually a really smart, engaging and cost effective way to produce workshop outputs. The value of what we can produce for clients is greatly enhanced through this partnership.

I’d also like to say that Jessamy is extremely capable and a pleasure to work with.” Kieran Murrihy  – Co-Founder, Foresight Lane 

“Over a three day conference Jessamy produced fun, quirky and informative visual graphics for our conference delegates. She accurately captured the essence of the speakers presentations and what she produced is a useful summary of the conference proceedings. The conference delegates loved this extra touch at the conference and really value having this resource made available to them.

Thanks Jessamy for providing such a unique and professional addition to our conference.” Michelle Fracaro, National Gallery of Australia

“Jessamy is an amazing artist and creates fantastic “live” graphic impressions that are both visually appealing and great communications tools. She came into our TEDxMelbourne event and got the job done without fuss and real professionalism. I would love to work with Jessamy in the future.” Jon Yeo, Curator TEDxMelbourne

“Jessamy recently worked with us on a graphical representation to define and demonstrate a client problem statement into a narrated storyboard video. The feedback has been exceptional and the end product has certainly positioned us in a positive light with this prospective client! Thanks Jessamy and the Think in Colour team!” Paul Tucker, Strategic Client Relationship Executive – Enterprise Services at Hewlett-Packard

“We recently enlisted Jessamy to help graphically record our annual Data Matters event. All of our attendees loved the idea, and commented on how incredible it was to see Jessamy in action! She was able to articulate key ideas clearly, and the turnaround for final works was unexpectedly quick. I couldn’t be happier, and would highly recommend Jessamy for anyone wanting a creative and confident storyboard of ideas. We look forward to working with you again, Jessamy!” Andrea Chin, Senior Account Director at Krux Digital, Inc.

“Talent! With a capital T! Abstract/conceptual skills are off the chart combined with her natural born gift. I recommend Jessamy for your next visualisation session.” Simone Carroll, Executive General Manager People & Brand, REA Group

“I hired Jessamy to provide graphic recording services for one of my workshops. I found her through shared contacts on LinkedIn, and I was very, very lucky she was available on the day of the workshop because the outcome was excellent.

Her ability to capture the essence of the discussion on the day, to respond to what was going on with the facilitation on the day, and the finished product were all excellent. Jessamy’s professional, easy to work with, flexible in approach, and she provided another element to my workshops that strengthens them, not only in the experience on the day but also in the reports I provide to clients.

I’d highly recommend Jessamy for any graphic recording work, and I know I’ll be using her services again in my future workshops.” Maree Conway, Founding Partner at Centre for Australian Foresight

“Jessamy’s work is beautiful. I discovered her at a conference where she was able to capture the essence and messages of the conference through creative drawing. I engaged her to do an animation video for a client and her professionalism and creativity is second to none. I am happy to recommend Jessamy to any business who is looking to creatively sell their message.” Melissa Houghton – Director, Sustainability at Work

“Jessamy is capable of both paying close attention to what it being said by workshop participants and to be concentrating on her own rendition and interpretation of what was said. This gives participants a sense that their thoughts were recorded and also artistically represented such that I have seen participants quite struck by what they see they said. What Jessamy does is quite remarkable” Dr Peter Hayward, Master of Strategic Foresight

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jessamy’s work twice this year now, most recently at the NAB Schools First winners conference. Her ability to listen, translate, and creatively record the conversations being had is fantastic and a true value-add to any forum.” Josh Levy, Program Manager – Education, NAB

“Jessamy’s work added another dimension to our recent forum. The products provoked on- going reflection and analysis of content discussed by participants. The final products are now an invaluable part of our communications.” Ben Stockwin, CEO, PrimaryIndustries Education Foundation

“Jessamy, your work is simply incredible! I have been completely converted” Senior Organisation Development Consultant, Perpetual

“I was fortunate enough to have Jessamy do the creative deliverable for me on a piece of work I contracted “The Difference” to do for my client. I had seen her work previously and admired her creative talents but was astounded by the brilliance she was able to unwrap in her visual artistry. My client is a large organisation who demanded professional work and this piece was aimed at the Board who were about to learn about a new concept and approach that we needed to get their approval on. I can quite happily say that the Board were more than impressed and that they found the creative work the most interesting aspect of our days meeting with them.” Luke Grange, Tomorrow at Work

“I hired Jessamy to provide Graphic Scribing for a series of workshops I facilitated for a client. Let me just say it was all I wanted and more. My client was delighted and the people in the workshops were fascinated with the way Jessamy was able to succinctly capture the content of all the discussions and produce such a visually engaging snapshot of the group’s work. I will definitely use her services again … and again.” Rhonda Tranks, Illuma Consulting

“Jessamy provided her creative services for a green roof advocacy group I volunteer for. We were presenting at Sustainable Living Festival and had to provide something tactile for the audience to do. During the presentation we gave Jessamy ideas from the audience and she created a beautiful mural incorporating all the ideas from the audience – it really made our presentation unique and fun! The group will definitely be working with Jessamy again in the future.” John Hassall, Do it on the Roof

“I highly recommend Jessamy. She delivers great results and most importantly ensures thoughtful preparation in her work. Jessamy has the ability to hear complex ideas and messages and translate them into credible images in “real time”.” Steven Smith – The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare