Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording describes the live translation of spoken content (e.g. presentation, workshop, meeting) into a visual summary using a combination of images and words to create a ‘map’ of key themes and ideas. It is, quite literally, the art of listening.

More than just pictures, Graphic Recording sparks engagement in audiences or participants, and helps them to understand, remember, and emotionally connect with what’s being said. It puts the human in your content.

It’s also a useful tool for creating common understanding and a sense of ownership as people see their ideas and others being brought to life in a common visual language – accessible across teams, business units, industries, regions and cultures.

Visualising content in this way assists comprehension and sense-making by showing the connections and relationships between ideas.

Graphic Recording is great for brainstorming, big-picture or conceptual thinking, strategising, imagining the future, remembering the past, journey mapping, storytelling, planning and presenting ideas… to name a few. It’s most often used in workshops or conferences, and can apply to events of any size.

Live illustrations are created on whiteboards as the presentation/ conversation is in session, in real time. The final images are then photographed and coloured digitally (we can even colour in your own branding), and provided as digital files which can then be used for reports, social media, web galleries, poster or canvas prints… see below for a whole range of other ideas.

Images can also be further developed create refined models, journeys and rich pictures.

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